Visualizing the Victorian Sportswoman

Visualizing the Victorian Sportswoman (VisVS) has been designed as a pedagogical tool for use in Victorian studies and gender studies classrooms. The image displays that appear on this site are a selection of my experiments in creating visible, (inter)active forms for teaching visual literacy and close analysis. Because the project is about revealing critical process, I am making it publicly available while in development.* This work is being supported by a grant from the Graduate Center Digital Initiatives and the Office of the Provost and by the Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Grant at the Graduate Center. Please return over the coming months to see more models of artistic, digitally-enhanced close reading for use in teaching and learning.

For more information on VisVS and it’s pedagogical aims, please visit the about page and user guide.

*VisVS site development has been discontinued; please visit Visual Vixens, the more recent version of this project.

Created by Julia Fuller (Julie), a doctoral candidate in English at the Graduate Center, CUNY.